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  • Hay Sweetie Gourmet Cookies

Hay Sweetie Gourmet Cookies


Meet Our "OG" Cookies

Listed below are our original flavors that are known as the "OGs."

***When we have our limited edition seasonal packs, we do not offer all of our "OG" flavors***

To see all of the cookies we have available this weekend, click here!

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Reviews From fellow cookie monsters

These are hands down my favorite cookies! I will not be ordering from anywhere else, Hayley is a cookie magician.


I seriously can't get enough! Trust me when I say these are top 5 best cookies I've ever tasted- and that's after being shipped across the country!

Steph, @themiafoodie

Best cookies I have ever eaten. Perfect taste, texture and her flavor combos are extraordinary. You will not be disappointed!


These things are LEGIT. Easily some of the best cookies I've ever had in my life.

Eric Koenreich (@Familyfooddude)

Literally the best cookies I've ever had! Cannot wait to get more!

Lizzie (@lizzieratclif)

Easily the best cookies I've ever had... sorry bank account

Kate (@Klanarsp)

I'm a cookie hoe; I've tried all the insta-famous ones, nothing comes close to Hay Sweeties

Jordyn (@Keepingupwiththemcguires)

Thank you so much for making the best cookies in the world <3

Ian (@schleify)