Ordering Process

We currently take orders once per week (typically Fridays at 3 pm EST). Check the Hay Sweetie countdown at the top of page for our next ordering date.

REGULAR ORDERS: You can usually expect your cookies 10-15 days after ordering (depends on what day you ordered...check our FAQs tab for a breakdown of shipping times). You might be wondering why it takes so long…well, we take orders and then bake the cookies fresh every week. It typically takes us a week to complete the baking and packaging process. The cookies are then shipped out and on their way to all of you cookies monsters.

EXTRAS: Since we cannot make the exact number of cookies we need, we always make extra and sell those after we fill our original orders...these are called “EXTRAS.”

We will announce on the Hay Sweetie Instagram when these cookies are available. “EXTRAS” are first come, first serve and are shipped out the next day (you can usually expect those in 3-4 days business days).

BULK ORDERS: We only take bulk orders for 25+ cookies. You can pick one flavor for every 25 cookies purchased (ex: if you purchase 50 cookies, you get two flavors). Please direct message us on Instagram Hay Sweetie or email us at haysweetiegourmetcookies@gmail.com well in advance to place a preorder.