Fab Four COOKIE Pack
Fab Four COOKIE Pack

Fab Four COOKIE Pack

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This a pack of the FOUR following cookies: 

  1. Party In The USA -- First we start with a chocolate cookie and load it with dark chocolate chips and brownie chunks. It's filled with a cake batter buttercream and topped with a festive red, white, and blue cake pop. The whole cookies is topped with a marbled white chocolate and dusted with red edible glitter
  2. Berry Blessed -- First we start with a vanilla cookie with hints of strawberry. We load it with dried blueberries, strawberry and blueberry poptarts, and white chocolate chips. It's filled with a strawberry cream cheese frosting. The cookie is wrapped with poptarts and drizzles with red and blue chocolate
  3. Monster S'm-oreo -- First we start with blue cookie and load it with chocolate chunks, cookies & cream bars, Oreos, and Chips Ahoy. It's filled with a marshmallow buttercream. Chocolate chip edible cookie dough is wrapped around the cookie and then covered with blue chocolate and more cookies.
  4. Graham Finale -- First we start with cheesecake cookie and load it with milk chocolate chips, cream cheese chips, chocolate covered graham crackers, and Golden Oreos. It's with a honey graham cracker buttercream. The cookie is topped with a chocolate covered graham cracker