It's Fall Y'all COOKIE PACK

It's Fall Y'all COOKIE PACK

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Hay, Sweetie Pie — browned butter base, toasted pecans, topped with a crisp caramliezed pecan pie filling and a caramel drizzle⁣⁣

Jim’s Fantasy 2.0 — apple spiced cookie base loaded with caramel bits, apple Snickerdoodle Pop Tart chunks, and cinnamon chips. The cookie is filled with a homemade apple pie filling and topped with a cinnamon drizzled Pop Tart square

Punkin’ Cheesecake —  cheesecake base loaded with white chocolate chips and cinnamon chips. It is filled with creamy pumpkin filling and followed with a cream cheese frosting. It is topped with a cream cheese cake bite, more white chocolate, and cinnamon graham cracker crumbs

Churro Crunch — snickerdoodle base, loaded with cinnamon chips and caramel bits. It is filled with a caramel cinnamon filling & topped with white chocolate and cinnamon sugar candied pretzels

Breakfast In Bed — brown sugar maple base, loaded with cinnamon chips, pecans, filled with a maple brown sugar buttercream, rolled in cinnamon sugar, topped with cinnamon and maple sandwich cookie

Apple Cheesecake — apple spice base, loaded with white chocolate chips, cinnamon chips, brown sugar poptarts, filled with an apple spice cream cheese frosting and caramel apple sauce, topped with white chocolate and an Apple fritter

Caramel Crisp — caramel cookie base, loaded with salted caramel chips, caramel bits, toffee bits, filled with a fluffy white frosting, topped with white chocolate and a homemade caramel crisp chex


— butterscotch cookie base loaded with dark chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, caramel bits, and milk chocolate pretzels. It is filled with a Nutella buttercream. It is topped with a milk chocolate drizzle and Heath toffee bits