Lovers Lane PACK
Lovers Lane PACK

Lovers Lane PACK

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This is our Valentine’s Day PACK that includes EIGHT of our limited edition gourmet cookies. The included included are:

Chocolate Lava — chocolate base, dark & milk chocolate chips, brownie chunks, brownie batter filling, covered in chocolate chips

Pink Bish — strawberry base, Oreo chunks, white chocolate chips, filled with a homemade cookies and cream filling, covered with white chocolate, and topped with Oreo crumbs and strawberry wafer crumbs

Strawberry Jammed— white chocolate base, strawberry poptarts chunks, white chocolate chips, filled with homemade strawberry jam, covered in white chocolate, topped with sugar sprinkles & a homemade strawberry crunch

Thunder Cake — chocolate base, chocolate chips, filled with a homemade strawberry cream cheese frosting and strawberry Lindt truffle, topped with strawberry cake and milk chocolate

TwixMate — caramel base, twix chunks, shortbread cookie chunks, milk chocolate chips, caramel bits, filled with dulce de Leche, topped with an edible chocolate chip cookie dough

Hay, Suga — Sugar cookie base, festive sugar cookie chunks, festive sprinkles, white chocolate chips, filled with a homemade pink almond buttercream, topped with an a golden Oreo “truffle,” covered with white chocolate & sugar sprinkles

XOXO — white cake inspired base, white chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, fudge stripe cookie chunks, Hugs & Kisses Hershey kisses, filled with a chocolate fudge buttercream, topped with a milk and white chocolate drizzle

Nuts For You — peanut butter base, peanut butter chips, milk chocolate chips, Reese Pieces, chocolate Reese cups, filled with peanut butter, topped with peanut butter fudge, coated in milk chocolate and a peanut butter crunch