Lucky 7 Pack
Lucky 7 Pack

Lucky 7 Pack

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Magic Sweetie Treat- Fruity pebble rice crispy treat that is loaded with white chocolate chips. It’s stuffed with lemon frosting and topped with lemon Oreos!

Milk & Cookies 2.0- Chocolate base loaded with white chocolate chips, mini milk chocolate chips, and chips ahoy chunks. It is filled with a cookie dough buttercream. It is topped with white chocolate and a chips ahoy cookie

Feeling Lucky- White chocolate cookie base loaded with Lucky Charm marshmallows, Golden Oreos, white chocolate chips. It’s filled with a marshmallow frosting. On top is a white chocolate drizzle, gold sugar sprinkles, and a piece of white chocolate leprechaun bark dusted in gold sparkles

Bailey's Gold Mine- This Baileys coffee cookie base is loaded with espresso chocolate chips, caramel bits, semi sweet chocolate chips. It is filled with a sweet cream buttercream frosting. It is coated in mini chocolate chips ane dusted with edible gold glitter

Shamrock- Chocolate chip base loaded with brownie chunks, chocolate chunks, and mint chips. It is filled with edible brownie batter. It’s topped with a brownie chunk and milk chocolate

Irishman- German chocolate cookie base loaded with cream cheese chips, caramel bits, and chocolate chunks. It’s filled with Dulce de Leche and a cheesecake filling. The entire cookie is topped with milk chocolate and a caramel Ghirardelli square

Over The Rainbow- Cake batter base loaded with rainbow sprinkles and cake batter flavored chocolate chips. It’s filled with buttercream frosting and topped with royal frosting. The cookie is decorated with a rainbow water colors and edible glitter