🌈 PATRICK’S PACK 🌈 (5 Cookies)
🌈 PATRICK’S PACK 🌈 (5 Cookies)
🌈 PATRICK’S PACK 🌈 (5 Cookies)
🌈 PATRICK’S PACK 🌈 (5 Cookies)

🌈 PATRICK’S PACK 🌈 (5 Cookies)

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☘️SHAMROCKED—white chocolate cookie base with hints of mint throughout, loaded with Thin Mints, Andes mints, and milk chocolate chips. It’s baked to perfection and filled with a mint frosting. It’s topped with topped a piece of chocolatey mint fudge, drizzled with a milk chocolate, and topped with Thin Mint crumbs and an Andes mint.


☕️BAILEYS GOLD MINE— This Baileys coffee cookie base is loaded with espresso chocolate chips and semi sweet chocolate chips. After being baked to perfection, it is filled with a sweet cream buttercream frosting. It is topped with a milk chocolate drizzle, gold mine sugar sprinkles, and chocolate mud shavings.


🍀FEELIN’ LUCKY— This cookie brings you back to memory lane when all you wanted was a big bowl of LUCKY CHARMs. This cookie is a Lucky Charm cereal base that is loaded with Lucky Charms marshmallows and white chocolate chips. The cookies is baked to perfection and filled with a Lucky Charms marshmallow frosting. On top is a white chocolate drizzle, gold sugar sprinkles, and a piece of white chocolate leprechaun bark dusted in gold sparkles!


🥥LIME ’N LOOTPut the lime in the coconut and eat it all up! 🎶 This graham cracker base is loaded with coconut bits and white chocolate. It’s filled with either a key lime pie type filling or a key lime cheesecake filling. It’s dusted with powdered sugar. Coconut bits and graham cracker crumbs are sprinkle over a white chocolate drizzle. The entire cookie is topped with a lime gummy.


🍯 POT OF GOLD- is perfect for all of those caramel lovers! This golden boy is a salted caramel cookie dough base with white chocolate chips, caramel bits, Hershey’s gold bars, toffee bits, and pretzels mixed throughout. It is baked to perfection, filled with cookie butter, and topped with a chunk of gold (aka Hershey’s gold bar)