Stars, Stripes, & Brookies PACK
Stars, Stripes, & Brookies PACK

Stars, Stripes, & Brookies PACK

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Stars, Stripes, and Brookies PACK


1. Star Spangled

First we start with our signature OG cookie layer. We threw in some red, white, and blue m&ms as well as season sprinkles. Next is a layer of an edible brownie batter layer. Last is a gooey white chocolate chip blondie that is loading with milk chocolate chips also

2. Cookie Monster

First we start with a chocolate cookie base that is loaded with milk and white chips, as well as chunks of Chips Ahoy. Next is an edible cookie dough layer. The final layers is a white chocolate blondie.

3.  The Sparkler
First we start with our signature All Dressed In White cookie dough (an almond wedding cake cookie). White chips and patriotic Little Debbie cakes are mixed throughout. On top is a wedding cake blondie that is coated in white chips, sugar sprinkles, and edible glitter. The entire Brookie is injected with a fluffy white frosting.

4. The Firecracker 

 First we start with our signature Creamier Than a Bish cookies and creme cookie. It’s loaded with white and milk chocolate chips.  Next comes a red velvet layer. The entire brookie is injected with a cooked and cream filling.