The Snack Pack
The Snack Pack

The Snack Pack

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This is a pack of 8 cookies that are inspired by Little Debbie and Hostess snacks.

Cream Pie - Oatmeal Cream Pie inspired

oatmeal sammie loaded with cinnamon chips, stuffed with a thiccc marshmallow filling, and drizzled with white chocolate


Roll With It - Swiss Roll/ Hostess Cupcake inspired

rich chocolate cake base, load with dark chocolate chips and Swiss Rolls. It’s filled with a homemade marshmallow cream filling. The cookie is topped with milk chocolate and white chocolate swirl


The Cosmos - Cosmic Brownie inspired

chocolate cookie base loaded with Cosmic Brownie chunks and milk chocolate chunks. It’s filled with a thiccc fudge frosting, topped with a brownie. The entire cookie is covered in milk chocolate and rainbow candies


Marty - Zebra Cake inspired

yellow cake cookie base that is loaded with white chocolate chips, a homemade white cream filling, and Zebra cake chunks. It’s topped with white chocolate and a milk chocolate drizzle


Star Clash - Star Crunch inspired

peanut butter cookie base loaded with milk chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and chunks of Star Crunch. The cookie is filled with chocolate caramel buttercream and topped with a Star Crunch and milk chocolate


Glazed - Honey Bun inspired

honey cinnamon cookie base, cinnamon chips, caramel bits, honey cinnamon buttercream, stuffed with a honey bun chunk, topped with white chocolate and sprinkles of cinnamon


La Fiesta —  Birthday Cake Stick inspired

cake batter cookie base loaded with sprinkles, Golden Oreo chunks, and white chocolate chips. The cookie is filled with a cake batter filling and topped with a Birthday Cake stick. The entire cookie is coated in white chocolate and sprinkles


Mr. Streusel — Coffee Cake inspired

cinnamon cookie base loaded with cinnamon chips and coffee cake chunks, filled with a cinnamon roll filling and rolled in cinnamon sugar. The entire cookie is topped with white chocolate and homemade cinnamon streusel